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Paul Spooner
Chinchillas & Equipment

101 Simmondley Lane
SK13 6LU
Phone:- 01457 856945 

Paul Spooner has been breeding high quality show chinchillas since 1988.

 An approved 'National Chinchilla Society' senior judge, he has judging experience in the UK and Europe.

Recent show successes are Grand Show Champion at the West Midlands show on 10th January 2016 and Grand Show Champion and Reserve Show Champion at the January 2017 North Region Show.

 Paul breeds the full range of chinchilla colours from the 'Standard Grey' to the latest 'Ebony Mutations' and usually has surplus stock at reasonable prices available for sale.

 Paul has been developing his range of chinchilla cages and equipment since he started with chinchillas and now offers an extremely comprehensive range of cages and accessories suitable for both the single pet owner or the dedicated show enthusiast. 
 Paul displays his range of chinchilla cages and accessories at many chinchilla shows and small livestock shows through the year and always enjoys `Talking chinchilla`
so check out the diary page to see future events .


You can contact Paul Spooner direct on the phone number listed,
or you email him at with your requirements.

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